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Technology & Media

You’re running a digital company and your Internet connection powers it: video conferencing, VoIP phones, cloud file sharing/storage, cloud apps, Wi-Fi and online collaboration. Why risk upset clients and frustrated staff by going with a cut-rate Internet plan?

Productivity & Client Experience

Our FlexSpeed Internet service delivers faster credit card processing, file backup, VoIP phones, and back office applications, plus the bandwidth flexibility that broadband providers cannot.

Configure your upload & download speeds to respond to changing bandwidth needs throughout the week (quarter-end financial closing, backup of client files, etc.)

Add temporary bandwidth to accommodate traffic spikes (projects, events)

Protect Your Data and Your Business

Experience a fast, reliable backup network that allows you to never experience another coverage outage again..

Our speed boost feature accelerates your broadband primary line speed when it slows down due to shared network traffic

Our fail-over feature automatically detects when your broadband provider goes down and switches your Internet access onto our network for 24/7 access to your critical business data


What Customers Say

“Any time you are using a service provider that is mission-critical to your business, you need to have trust. I was thrilled to be able to talk to the same person every time I called or emailed Wytec. One of the best things about Wytec is their FlexSpeed™ option to be able to boost our speed for events or special business functions.”

– Walker Evans, CEO, Columbus Underground

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