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Professional Services

Clients are demanding more from legal, accounting, consulting and engineering firms — including real-time access to information and staff. A fast, secure and reliable Internet connection can power the tools you need to meet those expectations: video conferencing, VoIP phones, cloud file storage/sharing, and multi-user networks.

Productivity & Client Experience

Our FlexSpeed™ primary line service delivers faster credit card processing, file backup, VoIP phones, and back office applications, plus the bandwidth flexibility that broadband providers cannot:

Configure your upload & download speeds to respond to changing bandwidth needs throughout the week (quarter-end financial closing, backup of client files, etc.)

Add temporary bandwidth to accommodate traffic spikes (projects, events)

Protect Your Data and Your Business

For professional service providers with an existing broadband Internet provider, our speed boost & Internet failover keeps your practice running even when your Internet provider goes down:

Our speed boost feature accelerates your broadband primary line speed when it slows down due to shared network traffic

Our failover feature automatically detects when your broadband provider goes down and switches your Internet access onto our network for 24/7 access to your critical business data

What Customers Say

“WyTec has provided high speed internet service to my law office for the last 2+ years. I have found their service to be very reliable and their customer service impeccable. On the rare occasion when my office needs technical support, Wytec responds within minutes. Other internet providers pale in comparison to Wytec.”

– Charles Zamora, Attorney

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