About Wytec Business

The founders of Wytec International had a pioneering vision: Deliver the next generation of wireless technology to create new business opportunity while providing enhanced safety and security for our communities.

To deliver on its vision, Wytec International has built a portfolio of associated companies: Wytec Business for growth-oriented small businesses, Wytec Enterprise for medium size US-based companies, and Wytec Cities for “smart city” municipalities.

Wytec Business makes it easy for growing small businesses to buy, install, and use enterprise-grade wireless Internet services without needing IT resources.

This is accomplished through a combination of simplified service plans, value-based all-inclusive pricing, allowing customers to configure their bandwidth (on-demand), and providing US-based customer care.

By putting the small business customer in control, Wytec Business is changing the way that business Internet service is delivered.

Wytec Business operates in Texas, Colorado and Ohio with plans to expand its market coverage to keep pace with demand.

The company is committed to making it easy for growing small businesses to access Internet communications.